Striped Chipmunk

There are few sounds that the dog hears that are more ear-raising than the single chirp of the chipmunk.  Immediately he catches it, his ears go up and he points directly at it.  This one was peeking out in response to another chipmunk’s call, and froze when it saw us.

Beaver Foraging

I walk to the train and notice how the animals shift with daylight, rather than time.  When I walk in the dark, it’s often just me and the dawn chorus warming up.  As dawn breaks before I reach the tracks, many more things are stirring.  The other day, as I stepped past the level crossing, …

Yellow Warblers

The undergrowth is thick with American goldfinches.  I can usually see groups of four and five flitting around.  The yellow warblers have appeared again too, although I only ever see the one pair.  They move just as fast, and are often in the undergrowth, so it is hard to capture pictures of them.

Cedar Waxwings Get Spring Berries

The Cedar Waxwings are back along the Holland River.  There are two bushes that have kept berries from last year, one black berry bush and one that has what look like cherries. Three waxwings have been in and out of the bushes each morning, getting an early start on clearing out last year’s berries.

Stealing Mink

This American Mink dodged out onto the snow before the river melted and scooted along just past the rivers edge.  It’s the third time I’ve seen mink along the river but the first time I was able to get a decent photo.

American Toads in Full Song, Mating

The chorus of toads in the runoff pond is deafening.  I’ve heard it near dusk as well as mid day.  I suppose they’re singing all day long.  I saw about five in one part of the pond but the chorus was coming from all over.  I think these are American Toads.