Musk Mallow

The bindweeds are small white and pinkish trumpet flowers and I almost wandered past this flower without a second look, thinking it was one of the same.  But it appears to be Musk Mallow ( Malva moschata ), another alien invader.  But it’s a lovely pink flower with lines that remind me of a very …


The top of this plant, before the flower opens, resembles a closed, green umbrella.  I am not sure I have ever actually seen the flower before.  It’s another Far Eastern import, called Western Salsify ( Tragopogon dubius) but is known as Yellow Goats Beard and Wild Oysterplant as well.  It’s a dramatic looking flower.

Yellow Iris

This punch of yellow appeared near a bridge, all by itself.  Then, as we came along the river bank, I saw another cluster of them and went down for a closer look.  The yellow iris ( Iris pseudacorus ) is apparently an alien but now widespread in North America.

Creeping Blue Ivy

This ground ivy has appeared along the side of the path.  It may eventually get a trim when the lawn mowing starts but it is quite low to the ground and may stay below the blades.  The color is similar to the viper bugloss but it looks like Gill-over-the-ground (Glechoma hederacea ).

Horsing Around

  I’d noticed a big pile of manure – not hard, when it’s in the middle of the footpath – in late summer.  Today there were fresh hoof prints for a shoed animal.  I assume it’s a horse but they seem a bit small, so perhaps it’s more of a pony.  In any event, it …

Wild Roses

Seeing without seeing.  That was what occurred to me as I strode along the path and suddenly saw these beautiful orange rose hips.  The berries had just started turning on our wild roses at home so I knew immediately what these were.  And yet I had never noticed this rose bush before.  It was just …

Creeping Thistle

Since this blog is all about observation and nature, it seemed appropriate to include another thistle.  I had no idea there were so many different types of thistles along this path.  The creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense), also known as canada thistle although it’s from Europe.  The flower is pale lilac, instead of the bright reddish …

More Touch-Me-Not

When it rains, it pours.  I had not even known what the Touch-me-not was and now I’ve seen both its Himalayan variety as well as the Jewelweed.  Here is a white one, as well as a cluster of purple ones, all of which I came across earlier this morning.  

Forage for Thought

Oh, the tension caused by wild plants!  The birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) is a European legume that is desirable for cattle forage in North America.  It grows … like a weed along our path.  The little yellow flowers look like bonnets to me, and they are so small that they blend with the greenery that …