This many-rayed yellow flower popped up in just one location.  It stood high above the green weeds, not so short themselves, and only had the single blossom.  There appear to be more blooms to come as you can see in the second photo but they haven’t appeared yet.  It looks like Horseheal ( Elecampane ) …

Pinky Asters

These asters have eluded my attempts to capture their colors.  When they are folded up, there is a decidedly pinkish tone to the underside of their petals.  These have the most petals or rays that I’ve seen on any flower so far.  You can just get a sense of the pinkish color on the flower, …

Late Asters

The Late Purple Asters have been blooming for ages but I stopped suddenly when I noticed these asters, which I believe are white but am still not quite sure.  Otherwise, I would have assumed it was another purple aster cluster.

Daisies Bursting

More white asters.  This particularly variety has exploded and is everywhere in large, lovely clusters.  It is a glorious chaos of flowers everywhere and they remain open even in the early evening as I am walking back from the train, unlike many other flowers who are already beginning to close as the sun goes down.

White Heath Aster

This appears to be the white heath aster ( Aster pilosus ) although I am finding that the vast number of white flowers that could be asters is overwhelming my cursory attempts at identification without the flower in front of me.  The green plant creates a cloud-like affect, and I have started to notice it from …

Lady Aster

These asters are starting to appear.  Their stalks are much more spread out but there are still large clusters of very small white flowers on them.

White Aster

These are right near the railroad tracks.  Like their purple cousins, these white asters seem to just spring up.  I am not sure what type of the seemingly dozens of white asters these could be but I’m going to keep looking.

Yellow Buttons

Another yellow flower that I have frequently taken to be a weed is the common Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare).  It took awhile to identify this one, as it doesn’t really have petals and – using a wildflower guide with black and white drawings – I had a hard time narrowing down the flower.  It is in …

A Daisy Variety

There are so many varieties of daisy that you might not stop and try to distinguish them. I know I never have before. But this is Daisy Fleabane (Erigeron annuus), one of the daisies that has dozens of petals.