Goldenrod Fuzz

The goldenrod has dropped its color and is slowly sagging as the cold weather comes.  The ends look furry now, gray and seed loosening up.  The birds must be having a grand time filling themselves.

Exposed Roots

The river rises and falls and this trees roots are exposed at the low point.  It reminds me of images of the World Tree, Yggrdrasil.  It’s hard to believe there’s much left of the tree on land, or that it will be many years before the rest of the earth erodes.

Rainbow of Leaves

The colors changing more quickly now.  This tree was changing from the outer edge to the inside, with reds and golds slowly turning to green, all on the same branch.  It reminded me of a rainbow.

The Sparrow and the Crown

The goldenrod are alive with small birds.  It seems to mostly be goldfinches but this fellow stopped long enough for me to snap its photo and recognize it as a White-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys ).  The white on the crown is quite striking.

Cucumbers, Fresh and Gone

The wild cucumber vines are still easy to see with their large leaves.  Some are just flowering, quite late in the year.  Some have fruited and the cucumbers are just greening up, their spiky bodies easy to see hanging off the vines.  Others have already gone past their ripened stage and have dried to husks.

Return of the Cabbage Moths

It has been a hard time for the woolly bear, and I’ve seen crushed carcasses along the path where they venture out and are trodden, or ridden, on by humans.  The cabbage moths had disappeared for awhile or at least I hadn’t noticed them, but they were in abundance yesterday.

Calm River

The dog and I walked down onto a rocky area where the creek comes out under a bridge and joins the Holland River.  It is a gathering place for ducks but there weren’t any there today.  The river looked so calm in the midday sun that I took a picture looking both north and south.