Red Chips

The red of the heart of this tree – it’s hard to tell now but I wonder if it is cedar – is easy to see where the beavers have chewed through and dropped the trunk.  I took the picture from directly above but the red was easy to see from the side.

Fresh Beaver Chewing

The color of this wood, freshly chewed and scraped by beavers, caught my eye.  There are increasingly logs and other bits of wood dragged within easy reach of the river.  Then the bark is scraped off and the bare wood left behind.

River Running

Argos and I snuck into the overgrowth around the northern end of the duck pond to see what was there.  It appears that the beavers or muskrats had the pond dammed but it’s given way.  There was a nice torrent down a small rapids with a large log and reeds from the dam heading towards …

Wet Stumps

We had a heavy rain storm last night.  The water seems to give everything a slightly different texture.  The beavers had been busy since the last time I was along the path and this chewed stump was quite distinct in its damp state.

Wildlife in the Dark

I changed my schedule yesterday and walked down to the train a bit later.  The platform was nearly deserted and it was about halfway between when the last train left and the next one would arrive.  A red fox trotted alongside the platform, one track width away from where I was standing.  He looked straight …

Beaver and Mink

When it rains, it pours.  I was walking this morning, only just having seen the muskrat yesterday when I saw the handiwork in this photo.  On the other side of the path was a sapling that had been dragged halfway down to the river but had been left behind. American Mink As I continued along, …


Last year, I was surprised by the number of trees that had been chewed down by what appeared to be beaver teeth.  The little sharp stumps were everywhere, but I’d never seen any evidence of a dam or lodge.  Then I saw a small brown animal with a thin tail swimming upstream one day and …