The raspberries are almost irresistable now.  They are just ripening and these black raspberries ( Rubus occidentalis ) aren’t going to last long.  If we didn’t grow red raspberries at home, I would be tempted to stop and have some.  I suppose its better to leave them for the animals.

Berry Flowers

I mistook these for white Canada anemone’s, due to the five white petals and the height.  But there are broader gaps between the white petal on this flower and I believe they are some type of berry, whether strawberry or blackberry, I’m not sure.

Decorated Berries

These berries have survived until spring.  The frost was on them this morning and a flock of a dozen waxwings saw them soon after I did.  I expect the migratory birds will get them if the natives don’t.

Vine Berries

This vine is using a tree trunk to climb and grow.  All this winter I have walked past it and it was only yesterday I noticed the berries on it.  They’re a pale yellow-green color although they appear to have lightened, they look so washed out.

Wild Cherry

This tree has me stumped.  I’ll look for leaves in a few months and try to figure it out.  I wondered if it was chokecherry – not knowing anything about it – but I’m thinking this blue berry I saw was that.  Perhaps this is a wild red cherry.  The sun’s reflection made them look …

Tree Berries Dripping

These berries are almost invisible to me as I walk by in the dark.  The blue is like a deep navy, almost black.  The wet snow has collected on the thin limbs and the melt is dripping from the berries.  They look like they have a good chance of lasting to spring.

Tree Berries

The forest is nearly completely empty of berries.  The only ones are typically the poisonous fruit of the bitter nightshade.  I detoured off the path this morning with the dog and saw this tree with berries overhanging the river.  They’re large and bountiful and it made me wonder why they haven’t already been eaten.  Too …