Stealing Mink

This American Mink dodged out onto the snow before the river melted and scooted along just past the rivers edge.  It’s the third time I’ve seen mink along the river but the first time I was able to get a decent photo.

The Sparrow and the Crown

The goldenrod are alive with small birds.  It seems to mostly be goldfinches but this fellow stopped long enough for me to snap its photo and recognize it as a White-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys ).  The white on the crown is quite striking.

Dark Berries

All the berries have ripened now and those that aren’t being actively devoured may hang around into winter.  There have been hordes of birds in the trees but I have noticed, at least during last winter, that the number of birds didn’t necessarily mean all of the available food disappeared.

Woodpecker on Wood

I love woodpeckers.  They’re devilish to record with a picture, as this one proved.  It moved quickly around and around the trunk of the tree.  It looks like there’s just a touch of red on its head.

Thistle Eater

You can purchase thistleseed in grocery and home stores to feed goldfinches but I’ve never actually seen them eating it in the wild.  In fact, the ones at our house eat sunflower seeds more reliably than thistle.  But there they were today, pulling the thistles apart, oblivious of me stopping to watch.  There were a …

End of an Era

The cicadas have not been too loud here but it looks like those who are around are coming to an end.  This one is the second I’ve found flat out on the pavement.  I made the mistake of tapping the first one with my toe and he spun around like mad.