Blooming Lilacs

Not much more to say.  The lilac is lovely, both in its blooms and fragrance.  I have a suspicious feeling I’m allergic to its pollen but its worth some sneezing and scratchy eyes for the beauty and smell it brings.

Asian Pears

The pear trees have come into full blossom along the river.  This appears to be the Chinese or Nashi Pear ( Pyrus pyrifolia ) also known under a variety of Asian cultures.  I’m guessing it’s not a native species but it’s quite pretty.  The five petal white blooms have black tips on the stamens.


This lilac is about to burst open with all of the other flowering shrubs.  It’s been wet for a few days and there is a moist earthy smell everywhere.  It is being overlaid by the smell of blossom everywhere and I can’t wait for the lilac to join in.

Shrub Blossom

These small pink buds have appeared on a shrub that is a favorite of the finches and sparrows, it’s so dense.  The pink is striking up close but it was surprisingly hard to see from even a few feet away.

Sign of Autumn

The summer heats are scorching but already there are great swings between hot days and cool evenings.  I noticed this Staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina) today, protruding from the greenery of the main plant.  Sumac has always made me think of autumn, as have the emergence of orange, red, and brown collared foliage.  I love the …