Sweet Forget-Me-Nots

The Forget-Me-Nots – from the German for Vergissmeinnicht – are back everywhere along the river.  I’d seen just a bunch or two and now they’ve exploded.  They’re so small, it’s easy to miss the interesting details in the middle of these lovely flowers.

Return of the Cabbage Moths

It has been a hard time for the woolly bear, and I’ve seen crushed carcasses along the path where they venture out and are trodden, or ridden, on by humans.  The cabbage moths had disappeared for awhile or at least I hadn’t noticed them, but they were in abundance yesterday.

Dark Berries

All the berries have ripened now and those that aren’t being actively devoured may hang around into winter.  There have been hordes of birds in the trees but I have noticed, at least during last winter, that the number of birds didn’t necessarily mean all of the available food disappeared.

Autumn Colors

The trees have started to turn although it is still hit and miss.  Some of gone to a deep red and orange and others are still entirely green.  These latter may just go straight to brown and fall off.

Blue Asters in Large Clusters

The blue aster has become one of my favorite wildflowers along the river.  I prefer it’s large size to the small white daisy-like asters that are also found in masses.  These have been experiencing the cold and I often see them closed in late afternoon when the sun should still be warming them.

Blue Berries on the Vine

This has been a bounteous year for blueberries but I’ve never seen them along the path or the river.  The blue berries I have seen are wild grapes or the berries of the Virginia creeper, with its bright red stems.  Still lovely, but I will leave them for the birds.