Brave Pig

We were walking down the path, the dog and me, and saw this groundhog – aka groundpig – run across the path.  It was well ahead of us, about 50 feet.  Coming the other direction, just as far away again, was another black dog and walker.  But the groundhog didn’t seem bothered at all by …

Fast Fan Fungus

This fan fungus has grown very quickly in the crook of a tree, near the ground.  I’d noticed it on a Monday and by the end of this week, it appears to have doubled in size.

Big Clock

This is not your typical dandelion clock but it was the last vestige I have seen of the Western Salsify.  Many were washed out in the storms we had earlier this summer but this one made it through and has puffed up lovely.  It’s about twice the size of a tennis ball.

Toad Variety

These are both American Toads but very young.  They are each the size of a walnut shell.  When I first saw them, I thought they might be toads but would never have guessed that they were the same type.  Their colorings are so different that it didn’t seem possible.

Black Eyed Susan

These strike me as similar to the coneflowers, with the protruding eye in the middle.  The black-eyed Susans were up and part of a lovely mixture of wildflowers enjoying the sun.

End of an Era

The cicadas have not been too loud here but it looks like those who are around are coming to an end.  This one is the second I’ve found flat out on the pavement.  I made the mistake of tapping the first one with my toe and he spun around like mad.

Piper Returns

The sandpiper was back on the riverbank this afternoon.  He was ducking under the grass overhanging the river and then running down, very busy.  It’s incredible how well camouflaged he is.