Water Strider

There is a small path that runs from the main trail down to a small creek, where the runoff pond empties through a culvert to the main Holland River.  This water strider – a true bug – was minding its own business, while the dog took a well-earned drink from the running water.  You can …

Grasshopper in Long Grass

The crickets have kept hidden even though I can see them in transit from one place to another.  This grasshopper was on the long grass near the path – it looks like another, small, red tibia grasshopper – and stayed still long enough for me to take a picture.

Bug on a Leaf

The bumblebees are covering the blue asters.  I saw lady bugs or some similar type of beetle on nearby plants in the afternoon sun.  They appear to be eating the edges of the leaves of this plant.

End of an Era

The cicadas have not been too loud here but it looks like those who are around are coming to an end.  This one is the second I’ve found flat out on the pavement.  I made the mistake of tapping the first one with my toe and he spun around like mad.

Milkweed Beetles

The milkweed flowers have disappeared and the pods are growing.  We’ve had smaller thin red beetles on lots of flowers, particularly the Queen Anne’s Lace (wild carrot).  These are quite different though and were mating on the milkweed.  They appear to be Milkweed beetles ( Tetraopes tetrophthalmus ), which were new to me.

Emerald Dragonfly

There were a half dozen emerald green dragonflies buzzing around today, in various parts of the river area.  The sun made them shimmer, as though they were made of polished metal or glass.  I’m always amazed how long they’ll stay in one place.


The beetles are back.  I saw two small black dots out of the corner of my eye and they were beetles crawling on a plant.  I think it’s milkweed, which has started to pop up ready for the fall.