Late Summer Monarchs

I’ve seen more monarchs in the last few days than I’ve seen all summer.  The butterflies are well provided for as milkweed goes.  It’s everywhere.  But this monarch butterfly was spending its time in the plentiful goldenrod, bee balm, and prairie coneflowers.


This Monarch butterfly ( Danaus plexippus ) was enjoying the bee balm with a horde of bees.  There’s little so lovely as to watch a butterfly at (mostly) rest.

Dried Milkweed Pods

The coloring of the milkweed pod always grabs my attention.  Today the sun hit the light colored insides of some pods that have dried over the winter.  The seeds have largely flown away, although you can see that the core of the pod is still, in some cases, holding tightly to its shell.

The Bee-Balm’s Knees

One of the things I love about large wild areas is the noise generated by the different colors that emerge.  In the large spray of grey coneflowers around the pond, these small purple bergamot (Monarda media) appeared.  There are just a handful amongst the coneflowers – and the centers suggest that many of the pink …

Bring on the Monarchs

I brought home a sample of the common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) during the summer because it has fascinating flowers. The small globes pop up open, showing 5 petals and a very delicate flower. Now the milkweed pods are growing and soon the air will be filled with the lovely seeds, spinning through the air as …