Cucumbers, Fresh and Gone

The wild cucumber vines are still easy to see with their large leaves.  Some are just flowering, quite late in the year.  Some have fruited and the cucumbers are just greening up, their spiky bodies easy to see hanging off the vines.  Others have already gone past their ripened stage and have dried to husks.

Underappreciated Clover

Most suburbanites mow their clover down without a second thought.  It’s an interesting flower, though, and each little part of the flower is quite delicate.  This low pink clover is quite pretty and is quite a contrast to the tall sweet clovers that grow in the same area.

Cheep Cheep

These flowers have appeared near where the garlic mustard was gathered.  At first I thought they were related but these have 8 distinct white petals and are common chickweed (Stellaria media).  it’s edible, in moderation, and apparently is good in salads.

Minty Breath

The mints appear to be commonly identifiable by square-ish stems and clusters of flowers.  This is wild mint ( Mentha arvensis ), I think.  The flowers are quite delicate but so small that they look like a fuzzy ball.  They appear on the stem of the plant where the leaves protrude, then there’s a large …

Blue Chicory

The blue chicory ( Cichorium intybus ) plants are climbing higher.  The heat has been brutal on the flowers though, with temperatures in the 90s cooking the blooms so that, they are browned by the end of the day.  I found these in the morning, with this snail nestled inside one bloom facing up.  Many turned …

Heal Thyself

I’ve seen this one called “self heal” or “heal all” but is also known as Prunella.  This one was not in full flower, so there the nub top of the flower is still poking out above the purple lobed flowers that have appeared around the bottom part.

Wild Parsnips

These six petaled flowers were hard to distinguish but were covered with mating red beetles.  It appears to be wild parsnip or wild celery ( Angelica archangelica ).  The flowers themselves are very small, so they almost look round when the petals are still folded up.  You can see the paired beetles all over the place.