More Apples

More of the apples.  The sunlight made them look so appealing I didn’t to miss an opportunity to record what they looked like.  More frequently than I would have expected, I find that if I do not take a picture to capture what I’ve seen, it may not be there the next day.

Wild Apples

The apples have ripened into lovely red fruit.  The windfalls have also increased, so there will be some happy animals reaping those, I’m sure.  A tree that people walk below has had its apples trampled, and the smell of alcohol from the fermenting fruit is quite rich there.

Blue Asters in Large Clusters

The blue aster has become one of my favorite wildflowers along the river.  I prefer it’s large size to the small white daisy-like asters that are also found in masses.  These have been experiencing the cold and I often see them closed in late afternoon when the sun should still be warming them.

Cold Musk Mallow

There are many more blooms on the white musk mallow than there were even a week or so ago, but the frost seems to have shortened their life span.  The blooms were closed like roses even in late afternoon.

Frosted Greenery

The weeds caught a good deal of rime this morning, like small icicles sticking up and out of the edges of the low weeds.  It’ll be warming up again – Indian summer – but it looks like the temperatures will be going down.

Misty Pond

The sudden cool evenings and mornings have meant lots of mist on the river and pond.  It’s one of my favorite sights in the morning, seeing the clouds hanging over the water.