Spring Beauty

These small pink-striped white wildflowers with five petals are more common than I remembered.  I saw two or three batches of them today.  They’re known as Spring Beauty.  

Resurgent Musk Mallow

The last time I saw these blooms, the musk mallow was soaked.  Then it disappeared and I saw some bindweed growing in its place and thought, perhaps, I’d been mistaken.  It’s back in the cooling end of the summer and is a lovely small flower.

Pink Trumpets

The bindweeds have appeared again.  There is the very low creeping white flowered vine, but there is this larger, hedge bindweed with its multi-color, pink and white trumpets.  I’ve tweaked the pink to make it stand out but it’s a lovely splash in the green.

Musk Mallow

The bindweeds are small white and pinkish trumpet flowers and I almost wandered past this flower without a second look, thinking it was one of the same.  But it appears to be Musk Mallow ( Malva moschata ), another alien invader.  But it’s a lovely pink flower with lines that remind me of a very …

Yellow Cinquefoil

This five petaled yellow flower has re-appeared.  I love the shape of the petals, heart-like, and the color is a lovely splash in amongst the green weeds around it.  I’m pretty sure it’s the rough-fruited cinquefoil ( Potentilla recta ).  We always had “potentilla” in our family garden, which made me think of someone with …

Berry Flowers

I mistook these for white Canada anemone’s, due to the five white petals and the height.  But there are broader gaps between the white petal on this flower and I believe they are some type of berry, whether strawberry or blackberry, I’m not sure.

See Anemone

The sea anemone was a school project that has stuck in my mind over the years.  Think paper scraps, crayon, the works.  It was funny to come across the Canada Anemone ( Anemone canadensis ) as a wildflower, quite a different thing.  It’s a lovely small white, five petal wildflower that has just started popping …


These lovely shiny five-petaled buttercups have returned.  I don’t know why they make me smile to see them but I am a big fan. It also brought home that I have been taking photos and posting notes about the river bank for nearly a year, and am starting to come full circle.