More Eggs and Butter

The toadflax – also known as “butter and eggs” – has grown quite tall.  There are even large clusters of the flower, which I only recall reaching a very low stage last year.  I must not have been watching carefully.

Thistle Eater

You can purchase thistleseed in grocery and home stores to feed goldfinches but I’ve never actually seen them eating it in the wild.  In fact, the ones at our house eat sunflower seeds more reliably than thistle.  But there they were today, pulling the thistles apart, oblivious of me stopping to watch.  There were a …

Butter and Eggs Returns

Just as I’ve started to see the toads down by the pond, the Common or Yellow Toadflax has returned.  I like it’s alternative name – butter and eggs.  It seems to have taken a long time to appear but I suppose it’s really a late summer flower.

Mmm, Worms

The leaves are filling out on the trees and it is getting harder to see the birds.  I saw what appeared to be an oriole today – black wings, vibrant orange  back – but couldn’t locate it in the branches.  It’s the second time I’ve seen one along the river so I am hopeful it …

All Gall

The goldenrod were everywhere and I noticed the development of the galls in their trunks.  Now the birds are breaking into the galls to winkle out the glucose and larva inside.

Dropped Nut

Black walnuts (Juglans nigra) have finally been dropping from the trees.  I have stepped around smashed nuts that I am assuming some animal crushed to get at the meat.  They tend to something that a suburban jogger or cyclist would miss.  This one appears to have been carried up a tree – this is not …

Beaver Behavior

I saw this tree prepared to be felled by a beaver in September.  They have apparently come back to ensure that all of the delicious bark is saved for the winter.  It is getting cold here earlier than in recent years, and I wondered if this was a sign of extra preparation for a long winter.