Wild Apples

The apples have ripened into lovely red fruit.  The windfalls have also increased, so there will be some happy animals reaping those, I’m sure.  A tree that people walk below has had its apples trampled, and the smell of alcohol from the fermenting fruit is quite rich there.

Wild Apples

The apple blossoms have long since faded but the fruit is getting quite large on the wild apple trees by the river.  I don’t remember them getting so large in the past, more the size of crabapples.

Black Walnut

The smell of this fruit is unmistakable.  The texture intrigues me and I always mean to grab a handful to take home to experiment with the color they make.

Sumac Fruit

The Staghorn sumac has a beautiful fruit.  The color always catches my eye, although I’d never appreciated how detailed the “horns” were until I stopped to stare at them closely.

Asian Pears

The pear trees have come into full blossom along the river.  This appears to be the Chinese or Nashi Pear ( Pyrus pyrifolia ) also known under a variety of Asian cultures.  I’m guessing it’s not a native species but it’s quite pretty.  The five petal white blooms have black tips on the stamens.

Late Apples

I was walking the dog and keeping a north eye on a large group of Canada geese on the river when I came across an apple tree.  I was surprised how many apples were still on the tree, and not a windfall showing on the ground.  It made me think that perhaps it is a …

Wild Cucumbers Opened

I found another patch of wild cucumber on the way home the other day.  These had been opened, either by nature or by some animal.  I tipped one up to look inside and see what the inside looked like.

These Cucumbers are Wild

The black walnuts are starting to appear so, at first glance, I thought I was seeing some of those.  Then I saw the wild cucumber flowers and the spikes.  Not particularly appetizing looking but I am almost curious enough to pluck one to try it!