Fairy Toadstool, Transplanted

Fungus on trees is pretty common.  This small toadstool – or mushroom – was jutting out of the place a tree limb had been, about 10 feet off the ground.  No reason it shouldn’t grow there but it’s the first I’ve seen.  It must be nice and damp in the wood there.

Fast Fan Fungus

This fan fungus has grown very quickly in the crook of a tree, near the ground.  I’d noticed it on a Monday and by the end of this week, it appears to have doubled in size.

Antler Fungus

The moist weather seems to have caused rapid growth of fungus.  I have noticed large plate fungus protruding from tree trunks.  This stump suddenly erupted with what look like some weird organic moose antlers.  I took the picture from the side to better show its protruding from the wood.

Fungus Plate

These flat fungus appear on trees seemingly out of the blue.  I suppose a moist spring helps them to explode out of nowhere.  The speckled top of this one caught my eye as I was heading home.

Snowball Fungus

This reminded me of snowball cookies, a common dessert this time of year and a staple for cookie trading.  There is that point where the powdered sugar on top has flattened a bit into the cookie, and this growth had that same matte look.

Tree Vinyl

I wandered off the path this morning when I saw some lovely moss.  Camouflaged in shadow and the dark bark of wet trees, this black mold was growing out of a tree.  It was much larger than any other I’ve seen, and reminded me of a vinyl LP record.

Moldy Oldies

One of the things I hadn’t expected to see was fungus high up on trees.  I have often see it on trees that have fallen and are deteriorating in damp conditions.  But there were a couple of fungi hanging about high up. This first one was about 20 feet up.  It had been white about …