Fast Fan Fungus

This fan fungus has grown very quickly in the crook of a tree, near the ground.  I’d noticed it on a Monday and by the end of this week, it appears to have doubled in size.


Antler Fungus

The moist weather seems to have caused rapid growth of fungus.  I have noticed large plate fungus protruding from tree trunks.  This stump suddenly erupted with what look like some weird organic moose antlers.  I took the picture from the …

Fungus Plate

These flat fungus appear on trees seemingly out of the blue.  I suppose a moist spring helps them to explode out of nowhere.  The speckled top of this one caught my eye as I was heading home.


Fungus Stalactites

This tree appeared to be missing a substantial amount of its bark.  I went closer to look, because I have been surprised to find so little evidence of deer along the river.  Perhaps we’re spared that large rodent a bit …

Tree Vinyl

I wandered off the path this morning when I saw some lovely moss.  Camouflaged in shadow and the dark bark of wet trees, this black mold was growing out of a tree.  It was much larger than any other I’ve …

Moldy Oldies

One of the things I hadn’t expected to see was fungus high up on trees.  I have often see it on trees that have fallen and are deteriorating in damp conditions.  But there were a couple of fungi hanging about …