Goldfinch Feeding

There was fluttering in some dense goldenrod stalks and suddenly a half-dozen goldfinches were visible bobbing around.  They seem to be enjoying the warmer temperatures and still finding plenty of food.  I was finally able to find a couple who stayed in one place long enough to have their picture taken.

All Gall

The goldenrod were everywhere and I noticed the development of the galls in their trunks.  Now the birds are breaking into the galls to winkle out the glucose and larva inside.

Feathery Goldenrod

This goldenrod has completed its season, turning from green to yellow and now getting to share its seed with the surrounding countryside and, I suppose, hungry birds.

Goldenrod Galls

These small spheres have started to appear on the goldenrod.  I now know they are created by a the Goldenrod Gall Fly, thanks to the Audubon Guides!  The fly’s larva will winter within this lump (known as a gall, of course) and emerge in spring. I have always been a bit fascinated by the galls. …

Paper Wasps

Bees are commonplace along the river, and there is a lovely hornet’s nest.  This was the first time I had seen a large number of wasps and they were all over this patch of goldenrod.   They appear to be Paper Wasps.

Blue Moon, Standing Alone

We had a blue moon the other night and it was still quite full the following morning.  I took this picture as rosy fingered dawn crept across the river.  The flash of light wasn’t intentional but makes for an interesting patch of bright green at the front.

Goldenrod Blooms

These green plants have been growing tall and thickening all along the river bank.  I wondered for quite a while what they would become and they are now starting to blossom into goldenrod.