Rainbow of Leaves

The colors changing more quickly now.  This tree was changing from the outer edge to the inside, with reds and golds slowly turning to green, all on the same branch.  It reminded me of a rainbow.


Cucumbers, Fresh and Gone

The wild cucumber vines are still easy to see with their large leaves.  Some are just flowering, quite late in the year.  Some have fruited and the cucumbers are just greening up, their spiky bodies easy to see hanging off …

Blushing Milkweed

I was sad to hear that Pointe Pelee had cancelled its monarch butterfly activities because so few seem to have migrated north again.  Something seems to be quite wrong with the butterfly population.  We have masses of milkweed pods along …

Natural Maple Leaf Flags

The leaves are changing color but not uniformly.  Lots of green still but a few maples have dropped their leaves already and I found a few red ones lying by themselves.  They remind me of Canadian flags in their natural …

Dewy Mullein

This appears to be a very small common mullein.  The leaves are very soft but I found it deep amid taller grass and that morning’s dew still hadn’t dried off entirely.


Autumn Colors

The trees have started to turn although it is still hit and miss.  Some of gone to a deep red and orange and others are still entirely green.  These latter may just go straight to brown and fall off.


Bug on a Leaf

The bumblebees are covering the blue asters.  I saw lady bugs or some similar type of beetle on nearby plants in the afternoon sun.  They appear to be eating the edges of the leaves of this plant.


Frosted Greenery

The weeds caught a good deal of rime this morning, like small icicles sticking up and out of the edges of the low weeds.  It’ll be warming up again – Indian summer – but it looks like the temperatures will …