Thistle Head

This thistle caught my eye as the dog was snuffling along the ground.  The purple center flower hasn’t emerged yet and it’s this hard, spherical bristly head.  I hadn’t noticed the regularity of it before.

Sunflower in Marsh

These sunflowers have emerged along a marshy ditch and small creek that is separated from the main river by a large – man made, apparently – earthworks.  Their centers are yellow, different from other sunflowers and coneflowers.


These American Bullfrogs were both so large and colorful that I was quite surprised.  The large disk on the head is the tympanum, where it hears.  It showed me how little I know about frogs, as it was so unusual in every way from what I had expected.  There were two, one on the muddy …

Wild Apples

The apple blossoms have long since faded but the fruit is getting quite large on the wild apple trees by the river.  I don’t remember them getting so large in the past, more the size of crabapples.

Black Walnut

The smell of this fruit is unmistakable.  The texture intrigues me and I always mean to grab a handful to take home to experiment with the color they make.

Emerald Dragonfly

There were a half dozen emerald green dragonflies buzzing around today, in various parts of the river area.  The sun made them shimmer, as though they were made of polished metal or glass.  I’m always amazed how long they’ll stay in one place.


One of the things this site has made me do is follow up on things I’ve seen in the past, but did nothing other than to take note.  This foam is a good example.  It appears every year in the summer and I had a vague idea that it was bug related, since it was …

Emergent Milkweed

Another sign that the year is coming full circle from when I started this blog last August is the emergence of the milkweed.  The powdery underside of its leaves is attractive and I’m looking forward to the flower before the familiar seed pods appear.