Goldenrod Fuzz

The goldenrod has dropped its color and is slowly sagging as the cold weather comes.  The ends look furry now, gray and seed loosening up.  The birds must be having a grand time filling themselves.



At first it appeared to be flying like a swallow, darting from the concrete support near the weir into the trees.  Clearly it’s not a sparrow and I think it’s an Eastern Kingbird ( Tyrranus tyrranus ) which, funnily enough, …

Flesh Wound

The beavers haven’t been visible for awhile.  The temperatures have been going up and down and so has the water level.  But I’ve noticed their tell-tale signs – teeth marks – on trees on the opposite side of the path …

Leaves Gathering

There are interesting patterns to see when you walk along the same route each day.  There are places where leaves tend to accumulate when blown by the wind.  Surprisingly, perhaps, there is no uniformity in their distribution and you will …


The sun has failed me and I walk to the river in the dark in the mornings.  This can be a bit perilous because there are no lights on this side of the river.  My eyes become accustomed to the …

Shield Bug

This grey shield bug was enjoying the warmth of the sun on a tree as I walked by.  The leaves were starting to go brown but it stuck out as an unusual shape.

Shield bug on a leaf