Low Flowers

The bindweed has spread along the train tracks.  This morning the bunch of them were turned to the sun like so many satellite dishes, white trumpets opened for the warmth.  They are often so low to the ground that they escape the blades of the lawn mowers.  Here they appear to be mounding over other …

Heal Thyself

I’ve seen this one called “self heal” or “heal all” but is also known as Prunella.  This one was not in full flower, so there the nub top of the flower is still poking out above the purple lobed flowers that have appeared around the bottom part.


The vines are snaking through the undergrowth.  I’ve seen virginia creeper starting to appear, with its dark red color.  These bindweed flowers have started to pop out along the edge of the tall weeds.  I expect they will be mowed down soon but they reflect the advance of the vines through the grass.

Yellow Cinquefoil

This five petaled yellow flower has re-appeared.  I love the shape of the petals, heart-like, and the color is a lovely splash in amongst the green weeds around it.  I’m pretty sure it’s the rough-fruited cinquefoil ( Potentilla recta ).  We always had “potentilla” in our family garden, which made me think of someone with …

Moist Moss

There are a bare handful of pine trees beside the path but there is some moss that is eking out its existence.  We have had some damp evenings recently and the moss seems to be thriving.

Lady Aster

These asters are starting to appear.  Their stalks are much more spread out but there are still large clusters of very small white flowers on them.

Blue Vervain

Verbena is easy to come by in any garden center for your suburban planting.  This blue Vervain ( Verbena hastata) just started to flower.  At first I thought it was like a clover, but you can just see the petals spreading out at the tops of the plant.

More Clover

This purple flower has started to emerge along the path.  It’s quite low and spreads across plants around it.  At first I thought it was a type of clover, but I think it’s alfalfa ( Medicago sativa ).  It’s a pea family member and another good source of forage.


This flower was growing just above the grass next to the train platform.  It was lovely – I immediately thought of Edelweiss (the song), although I knew it couldn’t possibly be.  But I haven’t been able to identify it.