Dry Duck

I came across a mother duck on the far side of the river, standing at attention.  Far more interesting were the trio of ducklings having a paddle nearby.  They all trundled up to the mud in front of mum and sat and finished their grooming.

Spring Pairs

The gaggles of geese and masses of mallards have disappeared, replaced by pairs of birds moving up and down the river.  It looks as though they are looking for nesting space.  in one case, a goose appeared to be sitting on a nest on a small island, with two mallards hovering awkwardly nearby.  Now that …

Diving Duck

The mallards were up and down the river today, avoiding the heavily flooded overflow pond.  They were most frequently in male – female pairs.  In this case both were diving until they noticed me and then they stopped.  When another few pairs floated down river to where they were, they went back to dabbling, with …

Ducks Clustered

The pond was nearly empty last week when it was bitterly cold but the mallard ducks have returned.  In fact, they’re packing in on the pond.  They normally stayed far away from the sidewalks, but now they’re crammed in everywhere.

Bottoms Up

The weather has been bitter but the mallard ducks have stayed tucked in under the river banks.  Occasionally you will see them shifting location but they seem to be relatively stationary at the moment.  These two were looking for food – the “dabbling” part of dabbling ducks – and I tried to catch them while …

Mallards Massing

Normally, when I pass the pond, the mallards set up a huge quacking but it’s nearly pitch black and I can’t see them.  I used to think that it was a warning call – and it might be – but more and more it seems as though they’re just plain ornery.  There’s commotion all the …

Ducks on the Pond

The cold temperatures are here but the ducks haven’t changed their habits.  Occasionally populations of birds seem to pass through, with numbers in and around the river swelling, but overall there seem to be just a hardened few remaining.