Orange Lip

The jewel weed ( Impatiens capensis ) is now thick in the marshy ditch separating the river and path from the road on the east side.  It’s also known as spotted touch-me-not but is not related to the Indian touch-me-not.  I only learned recently that it can be used on skin rashes to reduce the …

Waxwing in Marsh

The crest on this Waxwing makes me question my initial thought that it might be a Cedar Waxwing.  It’s not a juvenile, but we aren’t in the Bohemian Waxwing’s habitat.  In any event, it’s one of my favorite birds in this area.  Its plumage is quite striking.

Towering Reeds

The cattails are getting quite ragged.  The reeds are now growing higher than the cattails themselves.  It was interesting to see how many reeds are crushed down, say, in half.  They make what look like clumps or piles within the ditch.  The piles look like they’d be ideal shelters for animals, and there are paths …


Here is the Spotted Touch-me-not or Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) again.  The earlier picture wasn’t very clear, and was a single bloom.  I returned to the same ditch and, at the other end, found a whole group of the pretty flower.  Perhaps they were more successful since the loosestrife and reeds weren’t hiding the sun!