Late Summer Monarchs

I’ve seen more monarchs in the last few days than I’ve seen all summer.  The butterflies are well provided for as milkweed goes.  It’s everywhere.  But this monarch butterfly was spending its time in the plentiful goldenrod, bee balm, and …

Oriole in the Tree Tops

The Oriole was in the trees at both sunrise and sunset and I can’t help but take advantage of its willingness to stay in place for a photo.  I’d assumed it was a Baltimore Oriole and hadn’t heard of a …

Thought I Saw an Oriole

I did!  I did!  Well, mostly.  Each year, I seem to see one Baltimore Oriole on one day in one particular part of the river bank area.  It is very strange.  This is the first time I was able to …

Rainbow of Leaves

The colors changing more quickly now.  This tree was changing from the outer edge to the inside, with reds and golds slowly turning to green, all on the same branch.  It reminded me of a rainbow.


Scarlet Pimpernel

The village has pulled a huge tree trunk out from a small spit near the overflow pond.  This has left a large clear area that nature is quickly reclaiming.  We have seen frogs there and I went down to see …

Autumn Colors

The trees have started to turn although it is still hit and miss.  Some of gone to a deep red and orange and others are still entirely green.  These latter may just go straight to brown and fall off.


Bug on a Leaf

The bumblebees are covering the blue asters.  I saw lady bugs or some similar type of beetle on nearby plants in the afternoon sun.  They appear to be eating the edges of the leaves of this plant.


Red Sky in the Morning

Another beautiful sunrise.  I almost prefer one with clouds over a clear sky, as the redness of the day makes little difference to me since I’m entirely protected from the elements.  It has made me realize, though, how often our …

Hippy Shake

The wild roses are covered with rose hips.  The orange berries are mixed with other berries on nearby bushes but have a distinctive shape.  Once again, we’re considering harvesting the massive crop we have of hips on our roses at …