Hippy Shake

The wild roses are covered with rose hips.  The orange berries are mixed with other berries on nearby bushes but have a distinctive shape.  Once again, we’re considering harvesting the massive crop we have of hips on our roses at home.  This is the only wild rose I’ve seen along the rose so far.

Touch-me-not Spotted

This jewelweed, also known as Spotted Touch-me-not, has sprung up in all the marshy areas.  It’s delicate and often the blossom seems to dissolve after a rainstorm.  It appears with less frequency than the Himalayan Balsam – Indian Touch-me-not – and looks quite different when comparing stalks and leaves.

Moldy Spikes

This peculiar growth covered a tree full of berries.  The little orange spikes coming out of the berry make it look like a conker but will turn to powder as soon as they are touched.

Big Red Ball

We’ve had cool weather but it’s been getting a bit humid and hazy.  The sunrise this morning lent a bright red sun with wisps of haze floating past.  The houses and trees are still dark.

Orange Lip

The jewel weed ( Impatiens capensis ) is now thick in the marshy ditch separating the river and path from the road on the east side.  It’s also known as spotted touch-me-not but is not related to the Indian touch-me-not.  I only learned recently that it can be used on skin rashes to reduce the …


This Monarch butterfly ( Danaus plexippus ) was enjoying the bee balm with a horde of bees.  There’s little so lovely as to watch a butterfly at (mostly) rest.

Sumac Fruit

The Staghorn sumac has a beautiful fruit.  The color always catches my eye, although I’d never appreciated how detailed the “horns” were until I stopped to stare at them closely.

Day Lilies

The day lilies so common in suburban backyards have popped up along the river bank.  These orange ones are vibrant, and it is funny to see them closed in the morning as I go to work, and yet wide open when I return in the evenings.

Orange Moth

This moth was fluttering around the long grass on the west side of the railway tracks.  I stopped for a quite awhile to try to get a picture of it.  The dog was ever so patient as I slowly pulled back leaves of grass to get an angle from the side.  The Canadian government has …

Bright Lichen

This is like the weather doldrums.  Colors tend to be brown, grey, some reds, but it’s like approaching the top of a hill.  Once the summit is attained, the other side will be a mad rush into greens and then all the colors of flowers, birds, and other things along the river.  Lichen like this …