Spring Beauty

These small pink-striped white wildflowers with five petals are more common than I remembered.  I saw two or three batches of them today.  They’re known as Spring Beauty.  

Underappreciated Clover

Most suburbanites mow their clover down without a second thought.  It’s an interesting flower, though, and each little part of the flower is quite delicate.  This low pink clover is quite pretty and is quite a contrast to the tall sweet clovers that grow in the same area.

Healer’s Plant

I’d noticed this pink flower looking very strange and hadn’t realized that it hadn’t actually flowered.  It’s Joe Pye weed ( Eutrochium) and is a cluster of pink nodes until it flowers.  I saw two sets of this plant, one in flower and one not yet there.

Pink Peas

This may be the last year for these everlasting peas ( Lathyrus latifolius ), which have bloomed thickly along the side of the train tracks.  I saw a small digging vehicle in the brush and it looks like the railway improvements will cost this pea – and this groundhog – their habitat.

Pink Trumpets

The bindweeds have appeared again.  There is the very low creeping white flowered vine, but there is this larger, hedge bindweed with its multi-color, pink and white trumpets.  I’ve tweaked the pink to make it stand out but it’s a lovely splash in the green.


This plant was new to me although I have noticed more of these square-stemmed plants.  It appears to be Motherwort ( Leonurus cardiaca ) and reminds me, not well, of a stinging nettle.  The flowers are quite pretty, though, up close.  They occur just above the leaves, which stick out of the square stem at …