Musk Mallow

The bindweeds are small white and pinkish trumpet flowers and I almost wandered past this flower without a second look, thinking it was one of the same.  But it appears to be Musk Mallow ( Malva moschata ), another alien invader.  But it’s a lovely pink flower with lines that remind me of a very …

Shrub Blossom

These small pink buds have appeared on a shrub that is a favorite of the finches and sparrows, it’s so dense.  The pink is striking up close but it was surprisingly hard to see from even a few feet away.

Spring Beauty

I was keeping my eyes open for the violets I saw recently but they seem to have disappeared, whether eaten or what it’s hard to know.  These small white-ish flowers appeared about 10 feet off the path and I found two different patches.  They’re clearly not violets, having instead 5 petals and and pink veins …

Not a Weed?

This one is still a bit of a head scratcher.  The wildflower guide I rely on for identification mostly just punts on the Knotweed, which is so variable that it would take too much space to cover in the guide!  But I’m pretty sure it’s a type of knotweed.  It was growing in the sandy …

Woolly Hats

When we were small, we made Christmas ornaments out of stiff clothespegs, with a small cotton ball on top.  These red clover ( Trifolium pratense ) are relatively sparse on the ground but nice and bushy.

A Variety of Bindweed

This is the third bindweed I’ve come across by the river.  White field and hedge bindweed were more plentiful.  This hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium) is the first I’ve seen that is pink and white.

A Closer Look at Peas

The everlasting pea is a pretty flower that grows near the tracks.  I wasn’t completely sure that it was the right name until I saw the flat stems that help identify the plant.