Asters and Goldenrod

It is late summer along the Holland River and the purple asters have taken over from the white daisies.  They’re especially striking amongst the tall yellow goldenrod.

Dark Berries

All the berries have ripened now and those that aren’t being actively devoured may hang around into winter.  There have been hordes of birds in the trees but I have noticed, at least during last winter, that the number of birds didn’t necessarily mean all of the available food disappeared.

Blue Berries on the Vine

This has been a bounteous year for blueberries but I’ve never seen them along the path or the river.  The blue berries I have seen are wild grapes or the berries of the Virginia creeper, with its bright red stems.  Still lovely, but I will leave them for the birds.

Underappreciated Clover

Most suburbanites mow their clover down without a second thought.  It’s an interesting flower, though, and each little part of the flower is quite delicate.  This low pink clover is quite pretty and is quite a contrast to the tall sweet clovers that grow in the same area.

Purple Berries

These berries are unusual along the path.  Most are red or orange by now, and have a somewhat translucent feel to them.  These are denser, purplish berries on a tree with leaves that grow opposite.  Not a dogwood or honeysuckle, as far as I can tell, but I’m not further along identifying it than that.

Low Flowers

The bindweed has spread along the train tracks.  This morning the bunch of them were turned to the sun like so many satellite dishes, white trumpets opened for the warmth.  They are often so low to the ground that they escape the blades of the lawn mowers.  Here they appear to be mounding over other …