Wet White Musk

The musk mallow was a flower I had not heard of before this year.  We had an incredible storm last night and sticks were thrown everywhere along the path.  There had obviously been tree falls as well, although their trunks …

Red Honeysuckle

The river bank is wild with honeysuckle in a variety of shades.  Most are still in their early blossoming but a few of the blooms on this red honeysuckle had opened all the way out.  We have had a lot …

Spring Rain Bubbles Up

We have started heading in to a very wet spring.  The plants will love it and I enjoy an afternoon shower, since I’m usually on the way home from work and not worried about having to dry off.  The smells …

Curb Appeal

I have commented before how much I enjoy the way rain brings out strong colors in the wood along the river.  This stump was right by the parking lot for the train commuters.  The center was falling to powder, and …

Frozen Rain on Grass

The weather overnight was quite changeable.  We had some rain but the temperature quickly dropped and the water that was still beading on the grass froze into droplets.  It was surprising to see so much texture in the ice, instead …

Wet Stumps

We had a heavy rain storm last night.  The water seems to give everything a slightly different texture.  The beavers had been busy since the last time I was along the path and this chewed stump was quite distinct in …

Red Berries

This tree has been shorn of its leaves, perhaps by the heavy storm that has just passed.  These red berries looked stark but the rain gave them a delightful sheen.

Red berries on a thorny tree

Pink Bells in the Rain

I am not sure what these are.  They might be part of the heath family.  The small spikes that appear above the flowers are intriguing.

Pink hanging bells, thin green leaves, and spikes

Pink hanging bells, thin green leaves, and spikes

Pink bell flowers, hanging, with raindrops, from the side

Pink bell flowers, hanging, with raindrops, from