Yellow Wildflower

This yellow flower has appeared in just one place.  It looks a bit like a pea or a poppy but I can’t really tell what it is.  I’m guessing it is Greater Celandine ( Chelidonium ), a kind of poppy.

Frozen Rain on Grass

The weather overnight was quite changeable.  We had some rain but the temperature quickly dropped and the water that was still beading on the grass froze into droplets.  It was surprising to see so much texture in the ice, instead of the relatively smooth layer of frost that is more common this time of year.

Wet Stumps

We had a heavy rain storm last night.  The water seems to give everything a slightly different texture.  The beavers had been busy since the last time I was along the path and this chewed stump was quite distinct in its damp state.

Red Berries

This tree has been shorn of its leaves, perhaps by the heavy storm that has just passed.  These red berries looked stark but the rain gave them a delightful sheen.