Rain on the Pond

There is a small pond that attracts birds.  The great blue heron is often here, as well as a passel of Mallard ducks.  I think I even spotted a killdeer at one point, running along the soft sandy area in the middle.  On a rainy day, I pushed my way through the coneflowers and goldenrod …

Raindrops and Blue Wildflower

We had a torrential downpour the other day.  These poor blue wildflowers were battered by the rain, with all of their petals pushed down.  But the rain looked lovely and soft on them as they dried out.

Berries in the Rain

We had a huge rain storm today and everything was given a good soaking.  Many of the trees were given an early start in losing their leaves.  This branch of dark blue, black-ish berries was still dripping when I walked by.