Rainy Asters

We’ve had rain on and off for a few weeks.  The white asters are starting to pop up and I found these large ones with dots of rain on their petals after a morning shower.

Iris Tip

It’s been very wet here recently.  And cold.  The iris was making progress and eventually appeared but then was either cut and taken by someone, eaten by an animal, or just knocked down.  In any event, soon after I saw it in the rain, all of the blooms and stalks were gone.

Bog Violets

Details, details.  Violets are giving me an awakening as I realize the wide variety of the plant I have casually referred to as the violet.  These appear to be the Northern Bog violet ( Viola nephrophylla ), which grows about the same height as its leaves.  As you can see, though, the rain has gathered …

Early Bloomer

This white flower appeared just off the path.  It may be the bloodroot ( Sanguinaria canadensis ) based on its timing and look.  It hasn’t opened yet, which may be due to the fluctuating temperatures that led to one more snow flurry which melted as it fell.  It is a pretty looking flower.  A stick …

Tree Berries Dripping

These berries are almost invisible to me as I walk by in the dark.  The blue is like a deep navy, almost black.  The wet snow has collected on the thin limbs and the melt is dripping from the berries.  They look like they have a good chance of lasting to spring.

In Full Leaf

This oak tree is having none of winter.  The tree still appears full of leaves, although definitely in autumn colors rather than a summery green.  The rain has remained on the top of the leaves.  It makes me wonder whether the leaves are too cold, too saturated, or something else.

Angel Wings

Maple leaf seed pods are paired and all but this pair had fallen off this branch.  I thought they looked like wings and you can just see the raindrops hanging off the bottom.  They look increasingly frail as the seasons move by.

Close to the Ground

The other plants that seem to be thriving – other than the weeds – are the ground cover along the sides of the path.  There is still clover and a variety of other interesting, low, groundcover.  This leaf was bent back and shows the lighter shade underneath.  It is one of those things that you …

Dark Days

My days start in the dark, more than an hour before sunrise.  If work runs long on any given day, I can find myself returning home after sunset, having missed the sun all day.  I feel like someone from Ray Bradbury’s All Summer in a Day.  I walked home in a light rain and the …