Spring Robin

Winter has stuck around quite late this year, with an ice storm in the middle of April. The birds are still out and active, and this robin was foraging near a bird feeder.

Black Raspberries Ripen

These look like ripe raspberries but are black raspberries about halfway to their final color.  The bushes were full for a while but it’s been a hot summer and a lot of berries shriveled before they were eaten.  What a waste.

Rainbow of Leaves

The colors changing more quickly now.  This tree was changing from the outer edge to the inside, with reds and golds slowly turning to green, all on the same branch.  It reminded me of a rainbow.

Natural Maple Leaf Flags

The leaves are changing color but not uniformly.  Lots of green still but a few maples have dropped their leaves already and I found a few red ones lying by themselves.  They remind me of Canadian flags in their natural habitat.

More Apples

More of the apples.  The sunlight made them look so appealing I didn’t to miss an opportunity to record what they looked like.  More frequently than I would have expected, I find that if I do not take a picture to capture what I’ve seen, it may not be there the next day.

Wild Apples

The apples have ripened into lovely red fruit.  The windfalls have also increased, so there will be some happy animals reaping those, I’m sure.  A tree that people walk below has had its apples trampled, and the smell of alcohol from the fermenting fruit is quite rich there.