Late Summer Red Berries

These berries have ripened nicely into a dark red.  The birds will be all over them before too long, fattening up for the winter.  They look round and delicious but I’ve learned a lot about poisonous berries in the past …

Big Red Ball

We’ve had cool weather but it’s been getting a bit humid and hazy.  The sunrise this morning lent a bright red sun with wisps of haze floating past.  The houses and trees are still dark.


Milkweed Beetles

The milkweed flowers have disappeared and the pods are growing.  We’ve had smaller thin red beetles on lots of flowers, particularly the Queen Anne’s Lace (wild carrot).  These are quite different though and were mating on the milkweed.  They appear …

Sumac Fruit

The Staghorn sumac has a beautiful fruit.  The color always catches my eye, although I’d never appreciated how detailed the “horns” were until I stopped to stare at them closely.



The raspberries are almost irresistable now.  They are just ripening and these black raspberries ( Rubus occidentalis ) aren’t going to last long.  If we didn’t grow red raspberries at home, I would be tempted to stop and have some.  …

Day Lilies

The day lilies so common in suburban backyards have popped up along the river bank.  These orange ones are vibrant, and it is funny to see them closed in the morning as I go to work, and yet wide open …

Cardinal Food

This Cardinal was flitting from branch to branch.  He would hardly stay still enough for me to snap a picture, but was carrying something wriggling in his mouth.  I think it’s a moth.  There was a nest in this tree …

Milkweed Flowering

The plant that has most surprised me as I round 11 months of daily updates on this blog is the milkweed.  It is the plant along the riverbank that strikes me as being active most of the year.  It’s only …

Multi-Colored Ladybugs

Lady bugs – or ladybirds as some countries have them – are out and about in this moist heat.  I saw a variety of shades, but they’re remarkably easy to see against a green background.