Painted Turtles in Warm Sun

The Midland Painted Turtle is common in Ontario and it is the one I have seen most often, other than our pair of snapping turtles the other side of the weir.  This one was keeping a close eye on the dog and me from across the river.

Beaver Out of Water

I was walking home the other evening and saw a muskrat, which promptly got back in the water and swam downstream.  As I walked ahead, hoping to get a shot, I stopped and took aim on the water.  To my surprise, a beaver had just emerged and was staring right at me.

Exposed Roots

The river rises and falls and this trees roots are exposed at the low point.  It reminds me of images of the World Tree, Yggrdrasil.  It’s hard to believe there’s much left of the tree on land, or that it will be many years before the rest of the earth erodes.

Calm River

The dog and I walked down onto a rocky area where the creek comes out under a bridge and joins the Holland River.  It is a gathering place for ducks but there weren’t any there today.  The river looked so calm in the midday sun that I took a picture looking both north and south.

Piper Returns

The sandpiper was back on the riverbank this afternoon.  He was ducking under the grass overhanging the river and then running down, very busy.  It’s incredible how well camouflaged he is.

Yellow Iris

This punch of yellow appeared near a bridge, all by itself.  Then, as we came along the river bank, I saw another cluster of them and went down for a closer look.  The yellow iris ( Iris pseudacorus ) is apparently an alien but now widespread in North America.

Sandpiper Camouflage

This is the second sandpiper I have seen along the riverbank.  This time it was hunting in the mud of a run-off pond.  It’s coloring is not the same as the other one I saw so I’m not sure if it’s the same type of sandpiper or not.

Iris Tips

I have not seen any irises anywhere else along the river, so I did a double take when I saw this one.  Some of the more succulent looking may be eaten by local river denizens.  I took a picture of this iris just starting to protrude in case it’s gone by the time it flowers!

Goose on Guard

The nesting goose has disappeared and I hope it’s because the gosling hatched and not because it was chased off.  A goose was further upriver, standing on one leg on a stone in the middle of the water.  It raised its head momentarily but seemed to realize it was pretty safe from any predator.

Geese at Rest

A huge flock of Canada geese passed over yesterday, with much honking and beating of wings.  There must have been three or four dozen.  As we passed over the river this morning, there was a commotion and some geese were going after each other.  Then I noticed that, as far down the river as I …

Fleeting Feathers

This rolling ball of down – I’m guessing duck feathers but I can’t really tell – came whisking down the river as I was looking at some tracks.  I couldn’t tell what it was.  It moved like a little tumbleweed, rolling over and over as it passed along and finally was trapped in a track.