Muskrat Rushes

One afternoon on the way home, the water was deep and the ducks were dabbling.  Then a muskrat swam up and started grabbing the rushes from near the edge of the pond.

Striped Chipmunk

There are few sounds that the dog hears that are more ear-raising than the single chirp of the chipmunk.  Immediately he catches it, his ears go up and he points directly at it.  This one was peeking out in response to another chipmunk’s call, and froze when it saw us.

Beaver Foraging

I walk to the train and notice how the animals shift with daylight, rather than time.  When I walk in the dark, it’s often just me and the dawn chorus warming up.  As dawn breaks before I reach the tracks, many more things are stirring.  The other day, as I stepped past the level crossing, …

Beaver Out of Water

I was walking home the other evening and saw a muskrat, which promptly got back in the water and swam downstream.  As I walked ahead, hoping to get a shot, I stopped and took aim on the water.  To my surprise, a beaver had just emerged and was staring right at me.

Watchful Rodents

The squirrels were out all over the place yesterday.  Like other mammals, they seem quite happy to be in close proximity to humans and dogs but not too close.  Both of these squirrels stopped what they were doing to make sure they weren’t under a threat.