Big Clock

This is not your typical dandelion clock but it was the last vestige I have seen of the Western Salsify.  Many were washed out in the storms we had earlier this summer but this one made it through and has puffed up lovely.  It’s about twice the size of a tennis ball.

Milkweed Seeds Escape

Finally some of the milkweed pods are letting out their seeds.  I squeezed the sides of one, and the milk inside started to bubble through.  But the sides were as supple as if they were newly grown.  I would have expected them to already have released their seeds, like the thistles.

Feathery Goldenrod

This goldenrod has completed its season, turning from green to yellow and now getting to share its seed with the surrounding countryside and, I suppose, hungry birds.

Wild Cucumbers Opened

I found another patch of wild cucumber on the way home the other day.  These had been opened, either by nature or by some animal.  I tipped one up to look inside and see what the inside looked like.

Berries for Winter

We have cleared out our vegetable garden at home.  It has made me far more aware of when foods are available, an awareness that is dimmed due to the ability to get food in a grocery store year round.  The riverbank has reminded me too, with the trees ablaze with berries this fall but some …

Prickly Drums

This is one of the many unusual things I have seen along the river that have probably been there each year but I have not really been seeing them.  The shape of what I expect is the seed pod (see the brown ones beside the green, that look like they are already empty) is quite …

Exploding Seeds

The riotous color of the Indian Touch me not (Himalayan Balsam) has calmed down and there are seed pods on the tops of each plant.  I stopped to look at their curious shape and was startled when, with very little pressure, the seed pod exploded open and severed itself from the plant.  It’s a powerful …