Woof, Woof

Most of the things I’ve noticed have been flowers but the shrubs and trees are coming in to their own now as we move out of August and into September.  This flowering dogwood, Red Twig Dogwood I think ( Cornus sericea ) has recently emerged, with the white clumps of flowers getting ever larger each time I walk home.

Red Osier Dogwood, also known as Red Twig Dogwood


This honeysuckle appeared out of nowhere and still there are only just a few flowers showing.  It may be that it is eking its way out between other plants.  It’s interesting to see so many red, purple twigs or stems on these plants.

White honeysuckle flowers

Wild Roses

Seeing without seeing.  That was what occurred to me as I strode along the path and suddenly saw these beautiful orange rose hips.  The berries had just started turning on our wild roses at home so I knew immediately what these were.  And yet I had never noticed this rose bush before.  It was just part of the greenery until I noticed it change.  This appears to be a dog rose (Rosa canina).

The rose hips are edible and contain Vitamin C.  They appear to have many valuable properties.  I have often intended to harvest them on the roses in our front garden but tend to leave them for the animals.

Rose hips turning orange on a wild dog rose.