Frosted Ivy

The weather has been tremendous in the past few weeks, including snow, temperatures in the 80s, sudden frost, and rarely any consistency from one day to another.  One morning we had a hard frost and the creeping ivy that has emerged was edged all around.

Snowy Path

It’s that time of spring when winter hasn’t quite given up, so you have blue sky with blowing snow, then it clouds over and the snow stops for a bit.  Regardless, the ground and air temperatures are now warm enough that little snow is sticking and it soon melts once it does.  This view along …

Snow Tease

The teasels have remained standing while most of their fellow weeds have slowly bent under the weight of snow or their own weakness.  We are in the last throes of winter and were getting what looked like snow but must have been more like frozen rain.  A couple of these lumps caught in the top …

Hole in One

It’s disgusting but the foamy pollution that clears the weir seems a relative constant.  I wonder what the original cause is, because it’s rare to see this type of froth at other places along the river.  The pollution froze into large circles – this one is as large as an LP record – and stand …

Blowing Snow

The wind whipped the snow past me the other morning.  Huge flakes, normal for the weather when the temperature is high enough so that it is still a bit damp and clumping in mid-air.  This is one of the few lamps along my route and I caught the snow flying past.

Snow Star

The snow came down in white piles today.  It accumulated overnight but turned to liquid when it hit the ground today.  Until it reached the ground, though, it was still cold and sticky and would clump in the plants and trees.  This is a cluster where the berries have been pulled off what I think …

Tree Berries Dripping

These berries are almost invisible to me as I walk by in the dark.  The blue is like a deep navy, almost black.  The wet snow has collected on the thin limbs and the melt is dripping from the berries.  They look like they have a good chance of lasting to spring.