Up Periscope

I try to avoid the human element of this area.  It tends to be negative: trash, pollution, dog waste, etc.  I laughed when I saw this car exhaust pipe sticking out of the snow bank in the train station parking lot.  Commuters frequently reverse into parking spots in order to gain some fleeting advantage when …

Fleeting Feathers

This rolling ball of down – I’m guessing duck feathers but I can’t really tell – came whisking down the river as I was looking at some tracks.  I couldn’t tell what it was.  It moved like a little tumbleweed, rolling over and over as it passed along and finally was trapped in a track.

Exaggerated Tracks

An animal crossed the river, leaving tracks behind.  Then the snow must have been scoured away from the edges, which were damp and perhaps frozen.  It left these very lumpy tracks across the river, probably significantly exaggerating the size of the creature that made them.0