Damsels and Dragons

I am not certain what this is.  The damsel fly and dragon fly are similar insects and the nuances of the wings escape me.  If I were to guess, I’d say a dragon fly because of the broadening at the wing tip.  I will have to do some more reading!

In any event, this one alit on a leaf nearby and waited long enough for me to snap its photo.


On Guard

The insects are becoming more obvious now that the weather is warming up.  I’m hearing the crickets and grasshoppers and seeing more beetles.  This shield bug was holding on to the end of a large dandelion.


Not a Woodpecker

This bird landed on the path ahead of me and I would have sworn it was a woodpecker.  One reason that I have started taking more pictures is to record details that I wouldn’t otherwise have time to capture or write down.  It appears to be a Northern flicker ( Colaptes auratus ).  It shares many of the same body colors and speckles as a woodpecker but the red is in a distinctive place.  I should have suspected it wasn’t a woodpecker by the fact it was eating from the ground, something I’ve never seen a woodpecker do.


Iris Tip

It’s been very wet here recently.  And cold.  The iris was making progress and eventually appeared but then was either cut and taken by someone, eaten by an animal, or just knocked down.  In any event, soon after I saw it in the rain, all of the blooms and stalks were gone.


Berry Flowers

I mistook these for white Canada anemone’s, due to the five white petals and the height.  But there are broader gaps between the white petal on this flower and I believe they are some type of berry, whether strawberry or blackberry, I’m not sure.


Blue Bottle

There are some very slow, dumb, and dead house flies appearing.  I don’t care for them inside but I leave them alone outdoors.  This is nearly black fly and deer fly season but this little fellow was just sunning himself on a leaf.  The color makes me think of a blue bottle, but I don’t really know.


Blackbird in Tree Top

Perhaps singing a song of sixpence but definitely not in a pie.  This fellow was high up in a blue sky, chirping away.  It looks like a run of the mill blackbird but I admit I didn’t spend much time watching it.  The song caught my attention and then I listened as we kept along the path.


Gathering Nectar

Someone mentioned they’d also seen Baltimore orioles along the path, and that they were hovering around the fruit tree blossom and honeysuckles, looking for nectar.  I have only seen one oriole, underway, but the bees are out already.  It seems a bit early, as we have had very cold nights and frost but there were large bumblebees and smaller ones busying visiting the honeysuckles.