Brown-Eyed Susan

We have a number of these flowers – brown-eyed susans, black-eyed susans, and the prairie coneflower – all along the runoff pond by the Tom Taylor trail.

Sweet Goldenrod

The bees – a whole variety of them – were swarming the goldenrod, which itself is prolific along the riverbank now.  There’s a period where the yellow flowers are just emerging and then you can see a sea of yellow all around.

Resurgent Musk Mallow

The last time I saw these blooms, the musk mallow was soaked.  Then it disappeared and I saw some bindweed growing in its place and thought, perhaps, I’d been mistaken.  It’s back in the cooling end of the summer and is a lovely small flower.

Starry Berries

These plants have been appearing along the path, noticeable only for a very small cluster of berries at the tip.  I’m not sure I know what they are, but I’m guessing they’re starry false solomon’s seal ( Maianthemum stellatum).  They’re obviously good eating, as the first of this cluster are already gone.

Bird Bath

It was pouring down rain and cold yesterday so we gave the river side a miss.  The sun came out today and we found this American goldfinch enjoying it as much as we were.  You can just see the ripple where, the moment before, it had been giving itself quite a vigorous bath.

Blue Berries on the Vine

This has been a bounteous year for blueberries but I’ve never seen them along the path or the river.  The blue berries I have seen are wild grapes or the berries of the Virginia creeper, with its bright red stems.  Still lovely, but I will leave them for the birds.

Touch-me-not Spotted

This jewelweed, also known as Spotted Touch-me-not, has sprung up in all the marshy areas.  It’s delicate and often the blossom seems to dissolve after a rainstorm.  It appears with less frequency than the Himalayan Balsam – Indian Touch-me-not – and looks quite different when comparing stalks and leaves.

Underappreciated Clover

Most suburbanites mow their clover down without a second thought.  It’s an interesting flower, though, and each little part of the flower is quite delicate.  This low pink clover is quite pretty and is quite a contrast to the tall sweet clovers that grow in the same area.