Telltale Flowers

There are times that I see flowers appear and realize they are acting as tell-tales of their surroundings.  I was heading home one evening and saw this purple loosestrife off in the distance.  So I left the path and pushed through the brush, only to find the area was quite marshy under all of the long grass.  There was no other way to tell, really, without standing in it, but the flowers appeared above and showed what the ground would be like.


Late Summer Red Berries

These berries have ripened nicely into a dark red.  The birds will be all over them before too long, fattening up for the winter.  They look round and delicious but I’ve learned a lot about poisonous berries in the past year.


Tree Heron

This was a bit of a surprise.  A white great blue heron was perched and resting for a number of days in a tree along the river.  It was about 20 feet above the water and was just hunched up there.  One day there was also a grey feathered heron in the water below, but it was the first time I’d seen two together.


Slumbering Snapper

The snapping turtle was on the bank.  This is about a quarter mile south – and over the weir – from where I’ve seen it before.  Smaller turtles seem to care more about being watched, and will slip quickly back into the water. This snapper didn’t seem to care.  He was enjoying the warm afternoon, although the sun has sunk enough that it’s now in the shade.


Low Cluster of Flowers

This lovely flower was covered in dew as I took this picture one morning.  The cluster of flowers had appeared very close to a crop of bouncing bet and, at first, I thought they were related.  I haven’t identified it yet but it’s quite interesting. You can see a very tight cluster in the center of the four petal flower.  The petals are white-ish but almost green.  Unfortunately, the flowers and plant are gone now, dug up in “improvements” being made along the rail bed.


Cheep Cheep

These flowers have appeared near where the garlic mustard was gathered.  At first I thought they were related but these have 8 distinct white petals and are common chickweed (Stellaria media).  it’s edible, in moderation, and apparently is good in salads.


Reflecting Heron

The herons have been far more common – and willing to be photographed – than last year.  I’ve seen a pair, now, one with the dark grey plumage and the other mostly white.  This one was stock still in the overflow pond, where I’ve seen frogs, muskrat, and fish.  It’s easy to understand the attraction for this tall fisher.


Big Red Ball

We’ve had cool weather but it’s been getting a bit humid and hazy.  The sunrise this morning lent a bright red sun with wisps of haze floating past.  The houses and trees are still dark.