Camouflage Expert

I wandered down to the overflow pond to see who was there. A mallard duck was resting on the outcrop between the two pools of water and looked up at me. I watched closely, though, because there appeared to be shifting earth below where the mallard was sitting. And that’s when I saw the sandpiper.

Fishing Wader

It was mid-morning so I had low expectations for any creatures to be out and about.  I’d surprised a beaver the other morning, just after dawn, as it swam away with a newly harvest sapling.  There was a muskrat about this morning in the overflow pond, where I’d not seen one before.  The great blue …

Sandpiper Camouflage

This is the second sandpiper I have seen along the riverbank.  This time it was hunting in the mud of a run-off pond.  It’s coloring is not the same as the other one I saw so I’m not sure if it’s the same type of sandpiper or not.

Heron Hunting

The great blue heron ( Ardea herodias ) has returned!  I had seen him, or one of his brethren, flying above the area like a modern day pterodactyl.  As I came across the weir – hunting myself, for the yet to be seen trillium that are growing south of here – it was giving the water …