Water Strider

There is a small path that runs from the main trail down to a small creek, where the runoff pond empties through a culvert to the main Holland River.  This water strider – a true bug – was minding its own business, while the dog took a well-earned drink from the running water.  You can …

Exposed Roots

The river rises and falls and this trees roots are exposed at the low point.  It reminds me of images of the World Tree, Yggrdrasil.  It’s hard to believe there’s much left of the tree on land, or that it will be many years before the rest of the earth erodes.

Calm River

The dog and I walked down onto a rocky area where the creek comes out under a bridge and joins the Holland River.  It is a gathering place for ducks but there weren’t any there today.  The river looked so calm in the midday sun that I took a picture looking both north and south.

Misty Pond

The sudden cool evenings and mornings have meant lots of mist on the river and pond.  It’s one of my favorite sights in the morning, seeing the clouds hanging over the water.

Bird Bath

It was pouring down rain and cold yesterday so we gave the river side a miss.  The sun came out today and we found this American goldfinch enjoying it as much as we were.  You can just see the ripple where, the moment before, it had been giving itself quite a vigorous bath.

Pond Dwellers

The snapping turtle was taking the air and the Canada geese were enjoying a bit of shade on the pond north of the weir.  They’d been on the bank but took to the water again as I came by.  The goslings have their tail feathers coming in and are getting larger.  It’s interesting to see …

Water Catcher

I’m not sure what plant this is yet – I’m waiting for the flowers or something to appear – but it has massive green leaves, alternating up a very thick, spiky stalk.  What caught my attention was the amount of water it retained.  We were walking past after a hot day and no significant rain …

Goose on Guard

The nesting goose has disappeared and I hope it’s because the gosling hatched and not because it was chased off.  A goose was further upriver, standing on one leg on a stone in the middle of the water.  It raised its head momentarily but seemed to realize it was pretty safe from any predator.

Spring is Here

First the fox.  Then the groundhog appeared.  Two nights in a row I’ve come across the beavers, busily gnawing and eating their way along the riverbanks.  If there were ever a sign of warm weather, surely it’s the mammals all coming out into the lengthening days.  We sometimes get a cold spell towards the end …