Loads of Ox Eye Daisies

The center of these daisies always remind me of coneflowers. It’s the sort of thing where – because I don’t remember knowing that’s what they looked like – I can’t tell if I didn’t know, or just didn’t notice.

Spring Beauty

These small pink-striped white wildflowers with five petals are more common than I remembered.  I saw two or three batches of them today.  They’re known as Spring Beauty.  

Dutchman’s Breeches

These small white flowers were far from the path but just caught my eye.  There were only two of them but they’re among the most unusual flower I’ve seen along the path.  They’re called Dutchman’s Breeches – or dicentra cucullaria – and have medicinal purposes and can be toxic.

Goldenrod Fuzz

The goldenrod has dropped its color and is slowly sagging as the cold weather comes.  The ends look furry now, gray and seed loosening up.  The birds must be having a grand time filling themselves.

The Sparrow and the Crown

The goldenrod are alive with small birds.  It seems to mostly be goldfinches but this fellow stopped long enough for me to snap its photo and recognize it as a White-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys ).  The white on the crown is quite striking.

Return of the Cabbage Moths

It has been a hard time for the woolly bear, and I’ve seen crushed carcasses along the path where they venture out and are trodden, or ridden, on by humans.  The cabbage moths had disappeared for awhile or at least I hadn’t noticed them, but they were in abundance yesterday.

Fairy Toadstool, Transplanted

Fungus on trees is pretty common.  This small toadstool – or mushroom – was jutting out of the place a tree limb had been, about 10 feet off the ground.  No reason it shouldn’t grow there but it’s the first I’ve seen.  It must be nice and damp in the wood there.

Late Arrowroot

The white yarrow is also known as arrowroot.  Once I learned that, and that it had medicinal value, the idea of arrowroot cookies for teething infants made sense.  This patch popped up quite late.  Its nearly October, past the first frost, and I haven’t seen any yarrow since mid summer.

Cold Musk Mallow

There are many more blooms on the white musk mallow than there were even a week or so ago, but the frost seems to have shortened their life span.  The blooms were closed like roses even in late afternoon.

Frosted Greenery

The weeds caught a good deal of rime this morning, like small icicles sticking up and out of the edges of the low weeds.  It’ll be warming up again – Indian summer – but it looks like the temperatures will be going down.