Cheep Cheep

These flowers have appeared near where the garlic mustard was gathered.  At first I thought they were related but these have 8 distinct white petals and are common chickweed (Stellaria media).  it’s edible, in moderation, and apparently is good in salads.

Woodpecker on Wood

I love woodpeckers.  They’re devilish to record with a picture, as this one proved.  It moved quickly around and around the trunk of the tree.  It looks like there’s just a touch of red on its head.

Minty Breath

The mints appear to be commonly identifiable by square-ish stems and clusters of flowers.  This is wild mint ( Mentha arvensis ), I think.  The flowers are quite delicate but so small that they look like a fuzzy ball.  They appear on the stem of the plant where the leaves protrude, then there’s a large …

Fishing Wader

It was mid-morning so I had low expectations for any creatures to be out and about.  I’d surprised a beaver the other morning, just after dawn, as it swam away with a newly harvest sapling.  There was a muskrat about this morning in the overflow pond, where I’d not seen one before.  The great blue …

White Daisies

These multi-rayed white asters are everywhere now.  They grow in huge chaotic bunches.  They’re like explosions among the greenery surrounding them, fighting out from within the tall goldenrod and thistles surrounding them.