Late Summer Monarchs

I’ve seen more monarchs in the last few days than I’ve seen all summer.  The butterflies are well provided for as milkweed goes.  It’s everywhere.  But this monarch butterfly was spending its time in the plentiful goldenrod, bee balm, and …

Asters and Goldenrod

It is late summer along the Holland River and the purple asters have taken over from the white daisies.  They’re especially striking amongst the tall yellow goldenrod.


Brown-Eyed Susan

We have a number of these flowers – brown-eyed susans, black-eyed susans, and the prairie coneflower – all along the runoff pond by the Tom Taylor trail.


Goslings Get Their Feet Wet

The Canada Geese have given birth to their goslings.  Like the world needs more Canada Geese.  Still, the little tykes were down by the water, shepherded along by the adults and making their way to the river in fits and …

Yellow (Northern) Flicker

A loud call was coming from up on the electrical pylon that is situated on one side of the river.  My eyes weren’t sharp enough to see what it was but it looked a bit like a woodpecker.  Once I …

Yellow Warblers

The undergrowth is thick with American goldfinches.  I can usually see groups of four and five flitting around.  The yellow warblers have appeared again too, although I only ever see the one pair.  They move just as fast, and …

Trout Lilies in the Woods

The Trout Lily is one of my favorite wildflowers.  The mottled leaves and the delicate yellow bloom make it a distinctive spring wildflower.

Trout lily among a cluster along the Tom Taylor Trail, Newmarket, Ontario

Trout lily among a cluster along the Tom Taylor Trail, Newmarket, Ontario

Dutchman’s Breeches

These small white flowers were far from the path but just caught my eye.  There were only two of them but they’re among the most unusual flower I’ve seen along the path.  They’re called Dutchman’s Breeches – or dicentra cucullaria …

Golden Finches and Yellow Warblers

The American Goldfinches are among the most common birds along the path.  Today I also saw a Yellow Warbler.  It’s about the same size but none of the black bars common to the Goldfinch.  I’ve only ever seen one each …